Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them. - Brendan Francis Behan

How I Can Help You

I use a variety of techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line to help you make beneficial changes to your life.


Here are some of the areas in which I help clients. If you have any questions about this, or would like to ask me about anything not mentioned then please contact me.


Lose Weight & Change Your Relationship With Food

I can help you resolve any underlying causes which may be why you had difficulty losing weight before. This will help you feel so much better about yourself and redefine your relationship with food.


Reduce Stress

If you find it difficult to cope with stress, especially if it's affecting your health or relationships, then I can help you significantly reduce your stress levels and start enjoying life again. Relaxation sessions are a real favourite of many clients.


Stop Smoking

Would you really love to stop smoking but think you haven't got the willpower? If so, I can help you quit by resolving underlying causes, reducing cravings and breaking the habit.


Get Rid of Phobias

Do you have an irrational fear of something that is really affecting your life? If you want to get rid of that fear then I can help set you free to live your life to the full.


Increase Confidence

If you've taken a few knocks and would like to feel stronger and more confident, then I can help you build self-assurance.


Boost Sports / Academic Performance

At any level of sport I can help you break through old barriers and boost your performance to the next level. In education, the techniques I use are extremely effective for concentration, exams and self-belief.


Helping Children

Children from the age of 7 upwards respond amazingly well to my techniques which can be used to help with many issues such as low self-esteem, general growing up worries, issues regarding education, unwanted habits, peer pressure etc.

And they really enjoy the sessions.


Get Rid of Nerves (Public Speaking, Performing etc)

If you know that you have to speak or perform infront of an audience, does just the thought of it make you get nervous? I can help you to experience different emotions in these circumstances, for example, calmness or even excitement.


Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I can help you deal with the symptoms and the cause of these distressing attacks, giving you a new lease of life.


Manage Negative Emotions

Do you often feel ready to explode with anger? Do you have a pattern of sabotaging your relationships? Or are you weighed down by guilt? I can help you to gently and comfortably release a lifetime of these negative emotions, allowing you to create a new and positive future for yourself.


Before saying how many sessions are recommended I like to meet new clients to find out more about them and what they would like help with.


Contact me for more information.



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